LogiCamms’ Maintain business offers integrated services for implementations, maintenance, completions, testing and shutdowns for our client’s brownfield assets with minimal disruption to their operations.

We meet our clients’ needs for ongoing operational asset maintenance support through a team of specialists who are placed onsite to execute commissioning, shutdown and maintenance schedules for the length of time our client requires. LogiCamms assists in driving efficiency gains, cost recovery and productivity improvements.

LogiCamms’ dedicated team plan, execute and support projects in close collaboration with our clients and have experience in servicing remote locations, including the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Our Maintain service provides responsive, professional advice on the ground and we have extensive experience delivering packaged services in:

  • Specialist site audits, implementation, maintenance and completions
  • Maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Shutdown and turnaround execution
  • On-site support

LogiCamms’ maintenance capability is reinforced by our leading Electrical and Instrumentation services company, Petromod, and is complimented by our in-house Consult and Deliver business streams.