Maintain and optimise control system performance with a 24/7 support service.

Control system support is an important consideration for a 24 hour operating facility. To ensure unscheduled downtime is minimised, LogiCamms can respond quickly to resolve control systems issues through our LogiSupport service.

This 24-hour, 7 days a week access to experienced service support teams provides assurance that the facility is operating to its maximum potential.

Our three tier support model is scalable to suit the requirements of each site, including:

1.    Telephone Support

2.    Remote Access Support

3.    On-Site Support

With a dedicated team assigned to each site, the customers receive continuity of support and access to valuable knowledge of the facility.

Customers that Benefit

Any operating facility with 24/7 operations. A number of customers currently engage our LogiSupport services including:

  • Multiple mine sites around Queensland
  • Multi-mineral mine, Laos
  • Sugar port facility, Queensland

For more information on how we can help monitor and optimize the ongoing performance of your control system, contact the LogiCamms representative listed on this page.