Hazardous Areas

LogiCamms is a leading provider of hazardous area classification, design, installation, inspection, maintenance, training and accredited auditing across a range of facilities and industries.

We provide hazardous area classifications for all dust, gas and flammable liquid hazardous area environments. These have included oil and gas facilities, coal seam gas facilities, materials handling, food and beverage production facilities, coal handling and process plants, fuel farms, and power stations.

Our teams focus on providing cost effective and practical solutions to classification issues, including the installation, risk management and cost/benefit mitigation measures.

Our engineers specialise in hazardous area compliant equipment selection and hazardous area installation design, reflected through our representation on the Australian Standards Committee EL-014-7 (Electrical Installations for Hazardous Areas).

We use Phast software for vent dispersion calculations in our hazardous classification work. This enables us to examine the progress of a potential incident from the initial release to far-field dispersion.

For further information on hazardous area services, contact the LogiCamms representative on this page.

Areas of Expertise

  • Design for flammable gases and liquids installations
  • Design for combustible dusts installations
  • Verification dossiers
  • Inspections and testing
  • Accredited Auditing
  • Conformity assessment documents (overseas certified equipment)
  • Training and competency assurance
  • Third┬áparty client representation
  • Type B compliance
  • Type B Gas Appliance compliance issues
  • Hazardous Area management plans and policies