Soil & Landfill Environmental Management

Remediation and Soil Management

The purpose of many environmental site assessments is not only to determine the contamination status of the site but also to gain information to support the design and implementation of a remediation program.

LogiCamms and our specialist consultancy, Monarc Environmental, has extensive experience in designing and monitoring site remediation, ranging from traditional excavation with landfill disposal to highly innovative active, passive and in situ biological remediation or containment techniques.

In addition to meeting the technical imperatives of remediation, Monarc’s designs and protocols satisfy all relevant regulatory requirements across Australia, with Monarc hosting comprehensive understanding of the Waste Guidelines prescribed by the State and Territory Enivironmental Protection Authorities, the Statutory Environmental Audit framework and fundamental State and Federal legislation.

Areas of Expertise

Site Remediation and Soil Management

Landfill Environmental Management

The changes in legislative standards can provide many waste management and disposal facilities with serious issues regarding landfill surface water, groundwater monitoring and quality, soil and leachate testing and gas monitoring and testing.

Identifying the risks early, certified testing processes and developing appropriate strategies will provide considerable economic value. Monarc Environmental’s monitoring and reporting program will ensure compliance with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) requirements.

Areas of Expertise

Landfill Environmental Management

Our clients include:

  • Landfill operators
  • Waste management bodies
  • Councils
  • Environmental Protection Authorities