Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline System

Client: Epic Energy

Project: Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline System (MAPS) EPC

Status: Complete


The MAP allows gas from Moomba to be distributed throughout South Australia. LogiCamms was contracted to augment the MAP to permit introduction of gas from SEA Gas pipeline at Pelican Point and flow in a reverse (North Haul) direction to the Moomba Gas Plant. The client allowed innovative design, equipment selection, fabrication and install opportunities reducing TIC >10%. LogiCamms demonstrated EPC solutions emphasising innovation, equipment selection, cost reduction, modularisation, speed to market and value creation for Epic Energy.

The project utilised novel design coupled with multi-skid construction to achieve a pre-fabricated, modularised skid design to expedite on-site construction activities, minimise site labour and commissioning to achieve schedule.