LogiCamms explores the digital economy at latest Local Industry Connection night

A regular fixture on the events calendar, LogiCamms recently hosted the fourth Local Industry Connection night in Brisbane at Southbank’s most popular brew bar, The Charming Squire.

The aim of these events is to bring together a diverse range of industry colleagues to connect and provide the opportunity to expand their networks.

With a focus on the digital economy, an economy that is based on digital computing technologies, our special guest Monica Bradley shared her views on the transformation from the industrial age to the digital economy. An innovation strategist, Monica highlighted the opportunities for productivity and improvements to industry assets using new technology. She also identified the need to ask our clients not what they need but what problems they are trying to solve.

LogiCamms is driven to deliver technologically advanced solutions and look forward to sharing our experiences at the next industry connection night.

To listen to Monica’s weekly digital week podcast, that makes sense of the digital economy in just 15 minutes, click here.