We can help to drive down costs, improve performance and optimise production for coal operations.

From mines and washplants to train load outs and export terminals, LogiCamms supports coal customers across the entire pit to port process.

While we are a multidiscipline provider to the sector, we have specialised in control systems and automation solutions for over 20 years. Our LogiSupport service is also a competitive 24/7 service to remotely monitor plant and mine performance.

We provide a range of asset performance services to coal operators, including production improvement and debottlenecking studies as well as operational readiness services, which optimise the transition from design to start-up.

Our experience spans both brownfield and greenfield developments, and we have worked with a range of industry players both small and large. These include Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET), BMA, AngloCoal, Xstrata, Rio Tinto Coal, Jellinbah, Ensham Resources and Syntech Resources.

For more information on our track record or to find out where we can help your facility, please contact a LogiCamms representative listed on this page.

Areas of Expertise

  • Bulk materials handling
  • Mobile machines and ship loaders
  • Coal Handling Preparation Plants
  • Rail loading and unloading
  • Stockpiling and management systems including anti-collision
  • Debottlenecking and optimisation
  • Hazardous area services
  • Asset performance services
  • Competency assurance and training

“ The LogiCamms team shows strength in highly skilled staff, competent managers and the drive to achieve our objectives.” – Project Manager, BMA