Regulatory Consulting Services

Our regulatory consulting team help manage risks, approvals and compliance requirements.

With decades of experience, legislative knowledge, and strong established relationships, LogiCamms’ dedicated consulting team can help to move your project through complex regulatory frameworks.

We can review all environmental and regulatory legislation, outline key approvals, and develop project scopes and timelines.

We liaise with relevant stakeholders including Federal and State Government agencies, local government, utilities, land and tenement holders, indigenous groups and emergency services.

And we manage all necessary license, environmental, cultural heritage and landholder approvals through the development of appropriate approval and stakeholder strategies, and establishment of online compliance registers and action schedules.

Our team has supported major projects such as the QSN Link and QSN3 gas pipeline developments spanning multiple State boundaries, through to the installation of new compressor stations for gas operators.

For more information on our track record or to find out where we can help your project, please contact a LogiCamms representative listed on this page.

Areas of Expertise

  • Regulatory approvals
  • Environmental approvals
  • Health and safety
  • Cultural heritage and native title
  • Land access management