Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity Assessments

Extensive experience in flora, fauna and biodiversity assessments.

Comprehensive on-ground assessments, which identify the presence and extent of flora and fauna species and ecological communities, are required to inform the likely impacts a project may have on the natural environment and in-turn, the associated regulatory implications.  The data collected through on-ground assessments is supplemented with information obtained through the desktop interrogation of relevant databases, literature and previous assessments.

The scope and intensity of terrestrial and aquatic surveys will vary due to the nature of the project and its geographic location.  Despite this, it is critical that sufficient baseline data is captured to inform the impact analysis, regardless of potential future variations in the project’s design or location.

In most instances, a Flora, Fauna and/or Biodiversity Assessment will be the first stage in obtaining environmental approvals for a project.

 Areas of Expertise

  • Due diligence / desktop assessments
  • Detailed flora and fauna surveys
  • Vegetation condition and permitted clearing assessments
  • Threatened species surveys
  • Aquatic surveys
  • Stygofauna surveys
  • Instream and wetland habitat assessment

Environmental Impact Analysis

Drawing upon the information collected during the flora, fauna and biodiversity assessments, Monarc can evaluate the nature and extent of the impacts based on the project’s activities and the sensitivity of the surrounding environment.   This analysis is used to inform implications under relevant legislation and guide the development of practical and effective mitigation measures.

Areas of Expertise

  • Analysis of environmental sensitivity and project magnitude to determine the significance of the impact on the environment
  • Development of impact and risk minimisation strategies (avoid, minimise, offset)
  • Preparation of Environmental impact assessments (EIA) and Environmental Effects Statements (EES)