Adelaide hosts first local industry night

LogiCamms recently hosted the first Local Industry Connection night in Adelaide, following a successful series of events in Brisbane. The event, held at the Phil Ridings Bar at the Adelaide Oval, aimed to bring together colleagues from local industry sectors to expand networks and encourage our clients to ‘think differently’.

Guest speaker for the evening was Les Burdett, renowned curator and one of cricket’s most popular identities. Les shared captivating stories about his experiences working at the Oval, overseeing significant changes and challenges over four decades.  He also inspired the audience to take on different approaches to survive in the changing world.

The night was well received and enjoyed by all our valued clients and staff. LogiCamms will continue to stay relevant and deliver innovative solutions in a cost effective and efficient way in the rapidly changing environment. We look forward to connecting with our customers at the next industry connection night.

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