Quality Assurance

QMS-logoLogiCamms’ quality assurance processes have a clear understanding of our customer’s needs, and we respond with a proactive approach to ensure expectations are consistently met.

LogiCamms’ quality management systems are aligned to best practice and ISO9001:2008. A number of our major office quality systems are accredited to this standard, while we are actively pursuing certification in the remaining major offices.  Our additional core business systems focus on strong internal governance and continuous improvement. We continuously strive to make our operations more efficient, and we remain enabled to deliver high quality services and solutions.

Our internal frameworks facilitate quality outcomes by:

  • Establishing customer needs and expectations; and
  • Honouring commitments by
    • Designing products and services with features which reflect customer needs
    • Building products and services that achieve the design
    • Verifying (before delivery) that products and services possess the features required; and
    • Preventing the supply of products and services with undesirable features.

It is through these systems and behaviours that LogiCamms remains committed to providing high quality, fit for purpose solutions to our clients.